jueves, 19 de febrero de 2015

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Residence program in Spain, the best Spaniard residence program

Yesterday I received an e-mail from the Spanish Society of Surgeons, asking me, as a resident that is  ending the Nacional Program of Residence, about jobs perspectives. Apparently, they are thinking about decrease the number of applications in the program in the future, in order to improve the national rate of surgeons' unemployment.

Well... Anybody can imagine an American Surgeon been unemployed for a year? Or even worst... Anybody can even imagine in an American Surgeon working for 1000€/ month 50 hours/week? I can't. I can't cope with the Spanish recent situation. But... Lets talk about residence program...

In my personal opinion, and that is what has value for me, the real matter is not the quantity of applications, but the quality of the programs offers to the residents. There is a national curriculum  that we are supposed to have completed before ending our residence. Do you ever had met anybody who has completed it? So... If everybody knows that It doesn´t work, Why don´t we change it?

And... Last, but not least... What about evaluations? We are supposed to have evaluations even 3 months. Our evaluation is made for a Mentor who the service decided at the beginning of the program. In a practical point of view, our evaluation depends more on your personal relationship with the mentor, than with real surgery knowledge. That is why, I have been thinking, specially, after being in Bara (Johannesburg), that we should have external, periodic evaluation, because, that would permit, not only to evaluate the resident, but also to evaluate the Service he or she belongs. Maybe, It would permit to made some necessary changes in improvement quality of our National Residence Program in general Surgery. But...Does anybody cares about it?

Sorry for the language (not for my English, that I know It could be much better) I mean, I know inside the profession there is too many people whose language,  I don't understand at all, despite being as Spaniards as me.

I´m a struggling resident.

There is no hope for me. Fortunately, In less than 15 calls everything will be finish... I am too fed up with this situation. I really need a release...

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