martes, 31 de mayo de 2016

What is needed to be a good leader?

The thing is that if you have to ask yourself this question, maybe you’re not done for leadership. Being a leader, can be improved, but definitely is more about nature than nurture. 

Then… What means to be a leader? In my humble opinion, Its not about winning (only), It is necessary to get the faith of other people in the matter that matters you.  Make people to believe in you and your convictions. You need to make possible for your team to do their best while they are happy doing it. Try to know about the goals of your team, and make them easier whenever you can.

If you want to have success as a leader, You’d better pick a job in which you are excellent, and that makes you feel happy. Otherwise you won’t be able to make people to sincerely follow you. If you want to have people running a marathon with you, you’ll need to be capable of running it yourself.

You can’t be stopped. A good leader is trying to improve whatever is being done even in the most insignificant details. And of course, you need to be a good back up for each member of the team in case it is needed. Building trust is essential to run a successful team.

Think yourself if you are doing your best and if you’ve picked your best field. If both answer are positive and you don’t feel as the leader that you feel you should be, either you’re in the wrong place, or maybe you are better as a follower. 

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